All Time Low Posters

With spangling guitars, anthemic choruses and sharp riffs, All Time Low wear their pop-punk influences squarely on their sleeves. Founded in 2003, they cite bands such as Blink 182, The Get Up Kids and Green Day among their influences, although they are prepared to dabble in other genres, such as hip-hop.
While it was their first album, The Party Scene, propelled them onto the indie scene, it wasn’t until So Wrong It’s Right that All Time Low seemed to get into their stride. This album featured Dear Maria, Count Me In, which was their first track to chart and introduced them to a more mainstream listenership.
2013’s Don’t Panic: It’s Longer Now is widely regarded as the band’s best work, although Wake Up Sunshine is a close contender. Featuring collaborations with The Band Camino and Blackbear, it’s a return to their roots with a few surprises in the mix.