Amy Winehouse Posters

During her final years, Amy Winehouse tends to be remembered for the demons that dogged her, rather than her musical contribution. However, her second album, Back to Black, remains one of the biggest-selling in UK history.
Winehouse’s first album, Frank, didn’t have the same impact, lost in a sea of similar-sounding songs by the likes of Norah Jones and Katie Melua. Back in Black was a different story, altogether. With Mick Ronson on board, Amy’s sound took on a more soulful attitude, wrapped up with the raw grit that became her trademark. Backed by the Dap-Kings, Winehouse’s edgy lyrics seemed at odds with the retro sound they were sung against – but it worked. Rehab and Addicted show her tough side, while Love is a Losing Game reveals a previously-unheard fragility.
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