Architects Posters

Founded in the early Noughties by twins, Dan and Tom Searle, Architects came roaring onto the metalcore scene in 2006, with the release of the album, Nightmares. Their subsequent albums, Ruin and Hollow Crown took their gritty, chaotic sound to its limits, under the vocal command of lead-singer, Matt Johnson.
Until 2016, the band enjoyed a winning streak, even after replacing Johnson with Sam Carter. However, that year saw the Architects’ songwriter, Tom, succumb to skin cancer.
However, rather than winding things down, the band dialled them up. The album, Holy Hell, saw them packing out arenas and is a raw exploration of grief. Tracks such as Death Is Not Defeat, Mortal After All and Doomsday are emotional tributes to their lost bandmate and visceral exploration of an all-too-personal theme.