Asking Alexandria Posters

Masters of metalcore, Asking Alexandria was founded in 2060 by Ben Bruce. He was joined two years later by Cameron Liddell, James Cassells, Danny Worsnop and Sam Bettley. Influenced by bands such as Slipknot and Skid Row, Asking Alexandria’s sound has evolved from visceral and coarse, to something more layered.
Their first album, The Irony Of Perfection, gained them some acclaim, but it was the follow-up, Stand Up and Scream that cemented their position as heavyweights in the metalcore arena. The lead single, Final Episode (Let’s Change The Channel), is one of their best-known and went gold in 2014.
Subsequent songs, such as Into The Fire, A Prophecy and Alone In A Room saw the band adopting a more hard rock stance, complete with thrashing drums, twin guitar lines and Danny Worsnop’s scorching vocals. Despite his departure in 2015, Asking Alexandria continues and is, arguably, more primal than ever.