Avenged Sevenfold Posters

Heavy metal heroes, Avenged Sevenfold hail from California and were founded in 1999. Veering between metalcore, hard rock and punk, their sound is influenced by the usual suspects, such as Metallica and Led Zeppelin, and wild cards, such as Leonard Cohen and Elton John.
2010’s Nightmare is the gateway album for most fans. With songs, such as Nightmare, Buried Alive and Save Me, there’s enough slow metal for newbies and enough pedal-to-the-floor heavy metal for the hardcore contingent. However, if you’re after something unashamedly intense, Waking The Fallen has everything you need.
Despite being heavy metal, Avenged Sevenfold aren’t afraid to blend their style with other genres. Dear God has a distinctly country twang, while Warmness of the Soul is a piano-based ballad. The Stage, released in 2016, saw the band explore prog-metal, despite being criticised for leaving their roots behind. 
Always unpredictable, always non-conformist and always exciting.