Biffy Clyro Posters

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Formed in 1995, Scottish rock band, Biffy Clyro, bounced between small labels before being spotted by a representative from Beggar’s Banquet, after a gig at T in the Park in 2000.
Their sound seemed incongruous against the post-hardcore music, which dominated the mainstream at the time. Changing-up time signatures at the drop of a hat and contrasting haunting three-part harmonies with distorted guitars, their sound became known as ‘weird rock’.
However weird it might’ve been, it didn’t stop them chalking up sales. Their debut, Blackened Sky, reached number 78 in the album charts. The subsequent The Vertigo of Bliss saw them juggling delicate lyrics against gritty guitars. This desire to push the musical envelope has seen the band difficult to pin down, right up to their latest offering, Instant History.
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