Billy Talent Posters

Billy Talent had been staples of the Canadian punk scene for almost ten years before they were introduced to a wider audience. Starting as Pezz, as the result of a high school talent competition, Benjamin Kowalewicz, Ian D’Sa, Jon Gallant and Aaron Solowoniuk exploded onto the airwaves in 2003.
The band’s first album, Billy Talent, was punk to its teeth. With one-note guitar riffs and Kowalewicz’s aggressive, sneering delivery, the first single, Try Honesty quickly earned them a substantial following.
Although it didn’t do particularly well in the charts, Billy Talent II is a firm favourite with fans, with singles such as Surrender and Perfect World becoming regulars at the band’s spectacular live concerts. 
Lyrically, Billy Talent are more honest and engaging than many of their peers and never seem short of something to say, whether tackling bullying or their drummer’s battle with multiple sclerosis.