Bjork Posters and Prints

Ethereal, energetic and enduringly experimental, Bjork materialised on the UK music scene in 1993. However, before assuming the mantle of the high priestess of alt-pop, she was singing in punk bands, in her native Iceland.
 After finding some homegrown success with The Sugarcubes, Bjork moved to London, with little more than a demo tape of solo songs. This subsequently led to a career that, so far, has yielded nine studio albums, eight live albums and international acclaim.
Bjork’s first album, Debut, perfectly reflected the eclecticism of the British charts. With songs covering everything from electronica and rock to Britpop and Bollywood, it’s disarmingly personal, documenting her position as an outsider in a new city. Army of Me has plenty in common with Massive Attack, while Lionsong showcases her yearning, breathy vocals. It’s Oh So Quiet, complete with its bombastic orchestral arrangement and moments of sultry silence perfectly capture her playful side.
While she remains unashamedly non-conformist, Bjork isn’t afraid to soak up the sounds around her and transform them into something unique. Where Is The Line takes old-school beatboxing and opera to create an otherworldly soundscape, while Cvalda muddies the water between industrial garage and the scores of old Hollywood musicals.
Whether it’s music or fashion, Bjork is never afraid to push the boundaries, in her own direction.