Blondie Posters & Prints

With a career that covered everything from pop and punk to disco and New Wave, Blondie remain one of the most listened-to bands of the 70s. Fronted by Debbie Harry, Blondie was founded in New York, in 1974.
While their musical style may meander, the one constant is Harry’s sultry, soaring vocals. Songs such as Atomic, The Tide Is High, and Sunday Girl see her switching from ice-voiced vamp to girl next door, with apparent ease.
When Blondie disbanded in 1982, Harry went on to pursue a solo career. However, 1997 saw them burst back into the charts with Maria, which was released two decades to the day after the release of their first single, Heart Of Glass.
Despite their forays into pop, Blondie remains, at its heart, a punk band. The combination of Harry’s attitude and Chris Stein’s spangling riffs has made them part of the fabric of modern music.