Blossoms Posters

Formed in Stockport in 2013, Blossoms are never afraid to shed their skin. When they first came to public attention, they wore black and turned out tunes tinged with psychedelia and grunge. Their second album saw them embracing pop, from the snappy synths to their on-trend clothing. Fast-forward to 2020 and the band has reinvented itself once more, adding a healthy dose of funk into the mix.
The first album, Blossoms, was released in 2016 and raced straight to the top of the charts. My Favourite Room, with its folksy guitars and yearning lyrics, became the group’s biggest seller and a concert staple.
If Cool Like You stepped up their pop attitude, the album Foolish Loving Spaces ramped it up even further. With tunes such as Romance, Eh? and The Keeper echoing the likes of Abba and Talking Heads, Blossoms’ mission seems to be to outdo themselves continually.