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Poet, prophet or snarling lyricist? Bob Dylan has worn almost every mantle available and shows no signs of slowing down. From protest songs, such as Hurricane, to the mortality-obsessed outings on Time Out of Mind, Bob Dylan has always steered his own ship.

After the trad-jazz backdrop of the early ‘60s, Dylan’s sneering words set against folksy melodies were as threatening to the establishment as punk would become in the 1970s. He rapidly gained infamy as a troubadour for the post-war generation, giving them a lyrical outlet for their frustration and anger.

Having made his mark with the acoustic guitar, the concert at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester saw him swap his favoured instrument for its electric counterpart, resulting in the notorious ‘Judas’ gig.

Today, Dylan is an elusive figure, occasionally guesting with select bands and intermittently releasing new and divisive material.

One of music’s most controversial figures, Dylan has never shied away from speaking his mind. Our collection of Bob Dylan album cover prints houses images from his early folk-poet days to his more recent appearances as a folk-rock pioneer.

Whether you’re a fan of the classics, such as Blood on the Tracks, or you prefer his envelope-pushing works of the 21 st -century check out our range of Bob Dylan posters, where you’ll find plenty of fly-on-the-wall photographs.