Bombay Bicycle Club Posters

Formed in London, Bombay Bicycle Club were thrown together for a slot at the V Festival, in 2006, after winning a competition. With echoes of The Libertines and Vampire Weekend, the band is best-described as ploughing the alt-rock furrow.
Their first album, I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose, fuses effervescent pop with fuzz-toned guitars and boasts songs such as Autumn and The Hill. However, the second album, Flaws, is widely regarded as their breakthrough work.
Featuring hits, such as Swansea, Flaws saw the band switch their electric guitars for acoustic and create something folksy. There are some covers in the mix, most notably of John Martyn’s Fairytale Lullaby
However, both A Different Kind of Fix and So Long, See You Tomorrow saw the Club return to their indie-pop roots, albeit in a chunkier, funkier fashion. Packed full of sunshine any of these albums are accessible to newcomers.