Bring Me the Horizon Posters

If you like your music fast, furious and technically brilliant, then Bring Me The Horizon ought to have a place in your music collection. A visceral fusion of deathcore, melodic metalcore and mathcore metal, the band doesn’t take any prisoners, musically or lyrically.
Their first album, Count Your Blessings, wasn’t well-received by critics, but Lee Malia’s shredding guitars and Oliver Sykes’ howling, growling vocals won them fans within the deathcore community. 
Suicide Season saw the band embrace a bouncier sound, although still rooted in the anger and darkness that first brought them into the spotlight. Football Season is unashamedly heavy, while Suicide Season is a slower track, exploring the grief and anger felt by Sykes, after the death of a friend.
Later albums, such as Sempiterno and Amo saw the band branching out into electronic and pop sounds, but still retaining their disenfranchised ferocity.