Bruce Springsteen Posters and Prints

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Springsteen’s career began in ’73, after eight years of gigging in New Jersey. Inspired by seeing The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, he caught the attention of Columbia Records, who had recently signed Bob Dylan and saw something similar in Springsteen’s down-to-earth storytelling and musical proficiency.
Having been so long in the business, Springsteen has an impressive back-catalogue of hits and albums. Born To Run, Hungry Heart and Dancing in the Dark are just a few of his songs that became airwave staples in the 70s and 80s.
While many of his songs deal with the day-to-day, Springsteen has also turned his attention to different themes and styles. Philadelphia was one of the first songs to deal with AIDS, while The Ballad of Tom Joad saw him sound more Dylanesque than ever before.
Rightly known as ‘The Boss’, Springsteen continues to be a musical spokesman for the everyman.