Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine Posters

Although they released six albums during the heady heydays of the 1990s, Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine were never happier than when they were on the road. Their records might have introduced them to the masses, but it was their live gigs that saw them at the height of their powers.
With pun-packed lyrics, pop-punk guitars and sputtering drums, Carter USM were a welcome antidote to the too-cool-for-school indie bands that dominated the ‘90s scene. Slightly older than their contemporaries and refusing to toe the fashion line, songs such as Bloodsport For All and And God Created Brixton were unashamedly British and full of home-grown grit.
While the band officially split in 1998, there have been intermittent reunions, with another tour announced in 2020. The halcyon days of Carter USM aren’t over when you’ve got one of our posters on your wall. Browse our collection for rare and hard-to-find images.