Chvrches Posters

Formed from the ashes of student band, Julia Thirteen, Chvrches were founded by Iain Cook and Martin Doherty. The two briefly spent some time with the group, Aereogramme, but decided to go their own way, after becoming disenfranchised with their style of music. Lauren Mayberry joined the duo in 2011.
Influenced by the likes of Depeche Mode, Emeralds and The Deftones, Chvrches’ sound is decidedly electronic. Their first single, Lies, is reminiscent of Gary Numan’s early work and helped bring the band to fame. Constant airplay by Radio 1 saw the track top the MP3 download charts and cemented Mayberry’s position as lead vocalist.
Lyrically, Chvrches are minimalist and simplistic, using their synth-driven sound to drive the songs in different directions. Live, the band aren’t afraid to use silence, before gathering momentum to draw the crowd into their searing, sonic soundscape.