Circa Waves Posters

At seven years old, Circa Waves could be considered relative newcomers to the rock-pop arena, but their indie attitude and beach-friendly tunes have cemented their position at the forefront of modern music.
It’s too easy to dismiss Circa Waves as lightweight rock; Young Chasers weaves threads already laid down by the likes of Razorlight and The Libertines, with a defiantly sunshine edge.
However, later albums, such as What’s It Like Over There? have replaced youthful naivety with mosh-pit-worthy guitar riffs and nihilistic lyrics. However, the band have retained their fundamental ‘bounce’ and never stray into navel-gazing introspection or unnecessary melancholy.
Browse our collection of Circa Waves posters and you’ll find images that trace the band from early outings, such as their appearance at the Parklife Festival, to later appearances such as their acclaimed spot at the Kendal Calling Festival. A superb gift for any fan of this indie outfit.