Courtney Love Posters

While many people only know her as the wife of the late Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love is a well-established musician in her own right. Her band, Hole, was founded in 1989 and was a staple of LA’s punk scene. Hole became one of the most commercially successful, female-fronted rock bands of all time.

With her love of punk, it seems almost serendipitous that Love was cast as one of Nancy Spungen’s friends in the movie, Sid and Nancy. Her acting career continued into the Noughties, with parts in films, including Man on the Moon and Trapped.

However, she always returned to music and Love achieved notable success with albums such as Live Through This, America’s Sweetheart and Nobody’s Daughter earning her critical acclaim.

Outspoken and always ready to shock, Courtney Love keeps the spirit of punk burning bright.