Cradle of Filth Posters

Dark metal, death metal or extreme metal? However you think of them, there’s no arguing that is Suffolk-spawned band has made its bloodstained mark and inspired bands such as Ghost, Belphegor and Bleeding Through to pick up the unholy torch.
Cradle of Filth have cast a long and dark shadow of the world of metal for almost three decades. While their debut album, The Principle of Evil Made Flesh, received a lukewarm reception from critics, it earned them legions of fans.
Over the years, the band has embraced a more polished sound, without betraying their Iron-Maiden-influenced roots. Songs such as Iscariot, Nymphetamine Fix and The Abhorrent are rich with gothic references and supported by malevolent, driving guitar work and Dani Filth’s demonic growl.
Unashamedly theatrical and happy to continue the mythos that has been thrust upon them, Cradle of Filth are almost unquantifiable, but always entertaining.