Dave Clark Five Prints

Before the Rolling Stones burst onto the scene, the only serious rival to The Beatles was The Dave Clark Five. Their debut UK single, Glad All Over, toppled the Fab Four’s I Want to Hold Your Hand and began a from the top of the charts.
Founded in 1954, The Dave Clark Five were among the first post-war bands to kick against the trad-jazz style that had been a staple of turntables across the country. With buzzing guitars, frenetic drums and a frontman who sang as though possessed, their concerts were barely audible, due to the decibels cranked out by screaming fans.
Although they disbanded in 1970, the band racked up several achievements, including being the second to ‘crack’ America. At their peak, they were selling 14,000 records a day and enjoyed a string of hits, including Any Way You Want It and Come Home.