Def Leppard Posters

Hailing from Sheffield, the city of steel, it seems appropriate that Def Leppard were destined to become heavy metal heroes. Taking their influences from the likes of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Queen, they created their own brand of radio-friendly rock that was played around the world.
While the band formed in 1977, it wasn’t until the 80s that they hit their stride. Albums such as Pyromania and Hysteria established them as a force to be reckoned with. Churning out hit singles, such as Animal, Rock of Ages, Pour Some Sugar On Me and Let’s Get Rocked Def Leppard cemented their position as one of the biggest bands of all time.
However, their journey has been fraught with tragedy. A crash saw drummer, Rick Allen, lose an arm and drugs and alcohol claimed guitarist, Steve Clark, in 1991. 
Despite this, Leppard rose from the rubble, continuing to crank out incendiary tunes.