Deftones Posters

While Deftones are often pigeonholed as a nu-metal band, they are more than willing to mine various musical genres, including hip-hop, heavy metal, punk and experimental music. Aided by Chris Moreno’s unique vocals, the band quickly gained ground in the 1990s.
Widely hailed as their best album, 2000’s White Pony removed the nu-metal tag once and for all, seeing the band delve deeper into prog-rock. While songs, such as Passenger and Change (In The House of Flies) are still governed by Stef Carpenter’s weighty riffs, Frank Delgado’s add brooding and psychedelic textures. 
However, if you’re a fan of their heavier outings, their debut album, Adrenaline is their magnum opus. Packed with blistering guitar-work and set apart from the crowd by Moreno’s poetic wordplay, this collection of songs is metal to its core.
Often described as ‘rock’s answer to Radiohead’, Deftones continue to record and evade the pigeonholes set by critics.