Depeche Mode Posters & Prints

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While the ‘80s musical landscape was packed with bands trying to re-invent glam- rock, one band stood out from the crowd. With a darker sound than the likes of U2, but more accessible than arthouse bands such as Bauhaus, Depeche Mode quickly established a cult following.
While their first offering, Photographic, was initially dismissed by critics as just another New Wave tune, it set the template for the band’s obsession with electronica. An angsty, no-frills song, it was swiftly followed by even tauter outings, such as Dreaming of Me and Leave in Silence. 1986 saw the Mode plough an even darker furrow, with the release of the portentous Black Celebration.
However, while Depeche Mode might have cornered the market in synth-driven goth-rock, they weren’t content to rest on their laurels. Come the ‘90s, the New Wave music scene had been left in the dust in favour of grunge and Britpop. Lead singer, Dave Gahan, had picked up on the likes of Nirvana and Soundgarden, which saw the band re-invent itself into something more rock-like. The resulting Songs of Faith and Devotion remains one of their biggest sellers.
Whether you favour the more stripped-back sounds of their early days or the rock‘n’roll swagger of their later outings, browse our collection of Depeche Mode prints to find some of the most iconic images in existence.