Dire Straits Posters and Prints

Anyone who was listening to music in the 1980s will know just how big Dire Straits were. Influenced by the likes of JJ Cale, Cajun music and folk, the band released tracks that stood out from the New Wave trend and brought guitar-music back into vogue.
Mark Knopfler’s laconic mumble only added to the band’s laid-back sound, even on upbeat tracks, such as The Walk of Life. Their first album, Dire Straits, put them firmly in the spotlight and saw them rattle out a chain of hits, including Romeo and Juliet, Twisting by the Pool and the riff-led colossus, Money For Nothing.
However, the Straits weren’t just a singles band. 1985’s Brothers In Arms is one of the top 10 best selling albums of all time, selling over 30 million copies.
Although the Straits disbanded in ’96, they leave a formidable trail of hits in their headband-wearing wake.