Dolly Parton Posters & Prints

A bona fide living legend, Dolly Parton is arguably the best-known country singer of the 20th and 21st centuries. Unashamedly theatrical and self-deprecating, there’s much more to Parton than sequins and spotlights. Her music draws on a well-learned catalogue of influences, such as bluegrass, pop and country music.
While she might be immediately recognisable for her winsome trill, Parton is an accomplished musician. During her live shows, she often plays a variety of instruments, including the guitar, fiddle, piano, saxophone and banjo. The single, Jolene, showcases her ability with fingerpicking, while Glastonbury saw her play saxophone on Yakety Sax, in 2014.
With a seemingly-endless back catalogue of hits up her fringed sleeves, Parton has racked up nine Grammy awards and 24 ACMs. If you’re in any doubt as to why she’s dubbed the Queen of Country, check out Coat of Many Colours and join her legions of converts.