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Echo and the Bunnymen Posters
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Finding themselves sandwiched between the end of the punk era and the beginning of glam-rock reinvented on synthesizers, Echo and the Bunnymen decided to mine a far moodier vein of influences than many of their contemporaries. 

The band was formed in 1978 in Liverpool by Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant. Les Pattinson eventually joined them on bass and Pete De Freitas on the drums — and just like that, the Bunnymen were complete. 

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A Decade of Success

1980 saw the release of Echo and the Bunnymen’s first album, Crocodiles, which cemented their position as leaders in the post-punk music scene. Their melancholy, melodramatic sound was occasionally eclipsed by McCulloch’s motor-mouth, as he cheerfully declared the Bunnymen to be “the best group in the world”. 

However, the band’s musical abilities seemed to bear him out, with albums such as Heaven Up Here, Porcupine and Ocean Rain all charging into the Top 10 in the UK charts. 

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Changes to the Band

McCulloch’s leaving the band and the death of De Freitas saw the Bunnymen go into a staggered hiatus. Despite this, they enjoyed something of a second coming, releasing What Are You Going To Do With Your Life? in 1999, Flowers in 2001, and Live in Liverpool in 2002. 

Influencing legendary bands such as U2 and Radiohead, the Bunnymen remain one of the post-punk greats. 

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