Editors Posters

Influenced by the likes of U2, Coldplay and Depeche Mode, Editors are a notoriously hard outfit to pin a label on. On top of that, their chameleon-like ability to reinvent themselves on an album-to-album basis means that they are constantly shedding and gaining fans. 
Editors’ first album, The Back Room, had them pegged as a post-punk outfit. Songs, such as Blood and Munich sported taut guitar riffs, howling synths and Tom Smith’s drawling vocals.
However, the follow-up, An End Has a Start, saw them wade into the waters of stadium-sized rock, with the lead track, Smokers Outside Hospital Doors, embracing a fuller sound.
In The Light And On This Evening reinvented Editors as a synth band, reminiscent of groups such as Depeche Mode and Echo and The Bunnymen. Fast-forward to 2018’s Violence and the band have more than a whiff of 80s rock about them.