Every Time I Die Posters

Fusing metalcore and rock ‘n’ roll, Every Time I Die came roaring out of New York in the late 90s. Starting out as a rag-tag bar band, a short tour introduced them to Goodfellow records and saw the release of their first EP, Burial Plot Bidding War. Eight albums later and they show no sign of slowing.
While their musical evolution might have seen them trade a bit of hardcore for Southern Rock riffage, they remain as angry, chaotic and energetic as ever. Their sound is only enhanced by Keith Buckley’s poetic lyrics, which are used to conduct a vocal autopsy on the darker sides of modern life.
To hear them at their best, the album, New Junk Aesthetic is the one to go to. Songs such as Gutter Phenomenon and The Big Dirty showcase heavy guitars, catchy hooks and the fury that has made them a fan favourite.