Everything Everything Posters

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Continuing Manchester’s tradition of spawning game-changing bands, Everything Everything broke onto the airwaves in 2010, with the release of their debut album, Man Alive. Combining indie rock with pop, R&B and electronica, the band’s eclectic style acts as the perfect vehicle for Jonathan Higgs’ falsetto vocals.
Despite having four albums under their collective belt, Everything Everything have lost none of the outrage or lyrical incisiveness that propelled them into the spotlight. Themes such as mental health, political injustice and terrorism are explored with explosive abandon, on songs such as Cough Cough, Big Game and Night of the Long Knives.
However, what continues to set this band apart from others is that, while their lyrics are insightful and sometimes chilling, they’re counterbalanced by hands-in-the-air choruses and melodies that would be welcome on any dancefloor.
Indie rock or art rock? However you see them, Everything Everything are a band for our times.