Fleetwood Mac Posters

While Fleetwood Mac might have gained mainstream attention in the late 70s, they started as a blues band. With Peter Green taking guitar duties with dextrous aplomb on songs such as Hell Hound on My Tail and Rattlesnake Shake, Fleetwood Mac quickly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. However, it was the personal lives of the band that gained as much attention as their music and, arguably, led to some of their greatest works.
Green, a founding member and the band’s original frontman, left in 1970, suffering from mental health issues. Four years later, while going through another line-up change, Mick Fleetwood asked Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks to join their ranks. However, Buckingham and Nicks’ marriage fell apart, leading to heightened tensions within the band. Despite this, Fleetwood Mac continued to record and penned a series of song that would bring them into the mainstream.
Rumours, released in 1976, is widely-hailed as the Mac’s masterpiece. Written and recorded at a time when most of the band were barely speaking to each other, it contained extraordinary songs, such as Go Your Own Way, Don’t Stop and The Chain. This album was followed-up by the equally-lauded Tusk which, although it didn’t achieve the heights of Rumours, remains a fan favourite.