Foals Posters

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Since forming in 2005, Foals have become something of an indie-rock institution. While their complex syncopations and intricate instrumental work has seen them hovering around the math-rock category, their way with a tune and a rousing chorus continues to defy the pigeonholes that are thrown at them.
While their album, Antidotes, gave them their first hit single, in the form of Hummer, it wasn’t until 2010’s Total Life Forever that the band achieved notable commercial success. The trademark jagged rhythms are still there, but beefed-up with a hefty dose of funk and some meaty basslines. Spanish Sahara is a highlight, allowing lead singer, Yannis Pilippakis, to indulge in some spectacular vocal acrobatics.
However, Foals refuse to be pinned down and have dabbled in everything from out-and-out rock to sleazy electronica, making them one of the most exciting bands in British music.