Frank Iero Posters

Once My Chemical Romance disbanded, in 2013, there was plenty of opportunity for guitarist, Frank Iero, to rest on his laurels. However, Iero got straight back into the saddle and played with a succession of bands, including Leathermouth, Love Cats and Death Spells. He subsequently released a solo album, Stomachaches, before forming a new outfit, Frank Iero and the Future Violents.
Iero’s MCR history is more than evident in his solo work. However, while his trademark discord is never far away, his work with The Future Violents has embraced other influences, including jazz and blues. Songs, such as Weighted and Smoke Rings still have a whiff of MCR about them, but are rawer and less-polished, making for a primal listening experience.
A near-fatal accident, in 2016, seems to have further stoked Iero’s lyrical abilities. Political, critical and analytical, he has lost none of the passion in his wordplay or guitarwork.