Gary Numan Posters & Prints

One of the pioneers of electronic rock music, Gary Numan first came onto the music scene in the late 1970s as part of Tubeway Army. While other bands seemed to be trying to imbue synth-music with all the pomp and ceremony of glam-rock, Numan’s approach was much more experimental, industrial, and dark.

Tubeway Army’s biggest hits became floor-fillers in the 1980s, with the likes of Down in the Park and Are Friends Electric? wearing the influences of Numan’s fascination with dystopian sci-fi. Feeding synth-hooks through guitar effects pedals, he developed an uncompromising sound which, combined with his starkly androgynous appearance, captured the public imagination.

As a solo artist, Numan released some cult classics, such as Cars and We Are Glass, earning himself legions of fans, self-styled as ‘Numanoids’.

Today, his sound has come full-circle, evolving into a harder, industrial soundscape, fused with punk influences from his early days. We have an exclusive collection of Gary Numan prints from those dystopian early days, and rare, more modern pieces from his recent gigs.

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