Ghost Posters

Ghost was formed by Tobias Forge in 2006. After recording Stand by Him, Death Knell, and Prime Mover with Gustaf Lindstrom (from his former band Repugnant), Forge observed that “this definitely does not sound like two dudes who look like you and I”. As a result, Forge determined that Ghost would remain as anonymous as possible.
Forge embraced the character of the satanic pope, Papa Emeritus. However, the rest of the band always appear as ‘The Nameless Ghouls”, wearing masks to hide their identity. To further the mystery, the Nameless Ghouls in the studio won’t always be the Nameless Ghouls on stage.
Their sound is as outlandish as their image, pushing the heavy rock envelope as far as possible. While the band’s debut, Opus Eponymous, may have introduced them to the (satanic) masses, the more recent Infestissumam is proof their mission to spread the word is far from over. While we may not have too many images of their faces, our collection of Ghost posters are a must for any fan.