Henry Rollins Posters

Punk? Poet? Preacher? Henry Rollins has worn all these hats, and a few more besides. His career with punk band Black Flag began in typical Rollins style when as a teenager, he crashed one of their performances and started singing. When lead vocalist, Dez Cadena, decided he’d rather be chopping out guitar riffs, he invited Rollins to fill his shoes.
Rollins quickly gained notoriety as one of the most blistering performers on the circuit. After Black Flag disbanded, he started working on solo material, which resulted in the album Hot Animal Machine. Simultaneously, he started performing as a spoken-word artist, releasing Big Ugly Mouth in 1987.
Whether performing poetry, punk, or making prophetic observations, Rollins retains his uncompromising energy, telling it how he sees it and without pulling any punches. Browse our collection of Henry Rollins prints to find images of this one-off punk performer in all his tattooed glory.