Him Posters

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Fusing metal with melancholic melodies and fronted by the outrageously beautiful Ville Vallo, Him redefined goth-rock, during their 26-year career. Defining themselves as ‘love rock’, they wear their Type O Negative and Black Sabbath influences squarely on their sleeves.
Part of Him’s appeal is that they seem to evolve in tandem with their listenership. Their first album, Greatest Love Songs, Vol. 666, is an alchemic work of catchy hooks, heavy metal and ethereal lyrics, accessible to anyone, whether they’re into metal or pop.
Later albums saw the band’s sound become harder and heavier. Screamworks’ guitarwork took on a meatier edge, and Vallo’s vocals are some of the most controlled and impressive of his career.
Him disbanded in 2017, after embarking on a farewell tour. Riding on the back of their final album, Tears on Tape, the band went out the way they came in: with a very melodic bang.