Ho99o9 Posters

While Ho99o9 list the likes of Rob Zombie and DMX as some of their influence, they have combined hip-hop and hardcore to create their own frenetic sound. Founded in New Jersey in 2012, they quickly gained attention as much for their chaotic live performances as for their chaotic blend of genres.
Their blistering first album, Mutant Freax, earned them plaudits in Rolling Stone magazine and The Guardian newspaper. However, it wasn’t until 2017 that Ho99o9 released their debut album in the writhing form of United States of Horror.
United States of Horror takes hardcore to the outer limits. Tracks such as When Death Calls and Blaqq Hole make uncomfortable listening, while Dead Bodies in the Lake spits and snarls its disgust at a country gone wrong.
Ho99o9 aren’t for everyone, but those who ‘get it’ will be rewarded with songs that are as intelligent as they are visceral.