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While IDLES might reject the idea that they are a punk band, there’s no doubting that their motoric rhythm and uncompromising lyrics are reminiscent of bands such as Bloc Party and Gang of Four. However, never comfortable with the idea of being pigeonholed, IDLES also add Kanye West to the roster of their musical inspirations.

How IDLES began

Founded in Bristol in 2009, IDLES’ volatile debut album, Brutalism, grabbed the press’s attention and gained the band a loyal following. Songs such as “Grounds, “Colossus, and “Reigns have seen IDLES embrace other musical styles but without surrendering their visceral, rock-driven attitude.

Lyrically, the band writes songs about class war, toxic masculinity, misogyny and fascism, while being very open about their struggles with mental health, addiction and grief — all the while reminding fans to love themselves and encouraging them to keep going. IDLES are reminiscent of a 21st-century version of The Sex Pistols, thanks to their desire to separate themselves from the mainstream and their critical attitude towards themselves and society.

Global Success

IDLES crowned their growing success by having their masterpiece Joy as an Act of Resistance nominated for “Best Album” at the 2019 Mercury Awards. This hugely successful piece of work also achieved rave reviews and won over a generation of 21st-century punk rock fans. Their third album, Ultra Mono, reached number one in the UK album charts and made a huge impression worldwide.

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