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While Idles might reject the idea that they are a punk band, there’s no doubting that their motoric rhythm and uncompromising lyrics calls to mind likes of Bloc Party and Gang of Four. However, never comfortable with the idea of being pigeonholed, Idles also add Kanye West to the roster of their musical inspirations.

Founded in Bristol in 2009, their volatile debut, Brutalised, grabbed the press’ attention by the scruff of the neck and shook it, hard. Later songs, such as Meat, Colossus, and Samaritans have seen Idles embrace electronica but without surrendering their visceral, rock-driven attitude.

Lyrically, the band is wrought with pain, although exploring the idea of love is never far away. Endlessly self-critical, but with a desire to separate themselves from the mainstream, Idles are as close to The Sex Pistols as the 21 st Century is likely to get. Browse our collection of Idles prints for some rarities and iconic images.