Jamie T Posters

Drawing comparisons to Mike Skinner of The Streets, Jamie T creates music for the common man. His poetic lyrics are firmly rooted in the streets and strife of his native South London. Packed with irony, wit and unfulfilled aspirations, he puts them against a backdrop of infectious pop to create a narrative that’s accessible to anyone.
His first album, Panic Prevention, was released in 2007 and details the trials and tribulations of adolescence. Sheila was the biggest hitting single and featured one of T’s heroes, Bob Hoskins, in the video.
T’s subsequent releases included Sticks ‘N’ Stones, taken from the album, Kings and Queens. This saw the singer taking a decided step into the world of pop, although his lyrics remain acutely observational and low-key.
A commentator for our times, as much as he is a musician, Jamie T is one of the most satisfying songwriters of the 21st Century.