Jeff Buckley Posters

Son of the psychedelic folk-singer Tim Buckley, Jeff Buckley spent the 1980s as a session musician before breaking through as a solo artist in the ‘90s. A Byron-esque songwriter, Buckley is hailed as a consummate lyricist with the ability to switch from soul-wrenching sorrow to unfettered joy within a single line.
However, despite the bucketfuls of talent, Buckley’s career was as haphazard as his personal life. His legendary set, at Upstairs at the Garage in Islington, won him instant acclaim. But despite the onslaught of plaudits, Buckley was only to release one studio album in the form of Grace.
With extraordinary re-workings of tunes, such as Hallelujah and Corpus Christi, interspersed with beautiful originals, such as Lover, You Should’ve Come Over and Eternal Life, Grace is a timeless classic.
Haunted to his untimely death by insecurity, longing and depression, Jeff Buckley remains one of the most enigmatic artists in recent history.