Jimi Hendrix Album Cover and Prints

jimi hendrix poster uk

Where do you start with Jimi Hendrix? Hailed by musicians and critics alike as the best guitarist of all time, his contribution to rock is second to none.
Hendrix came to the public ear in 1966, after transforming the Leaves’ Hey Joe from a standard rock number into a swirling, psychedelic murder-ballad. With that under his belt, he then released the bluesy, mind-melting Purple Haze, which was to become one of his signature songs.
After meeting Chas Chandler of The Animals, Hendrix set his sights on Britain and unleashing a blistering barrage of songs including The Wind Cries Mary, the searing Manic Depression, and the incendiary All Along the Watchtower.
While he experimented with funk and rock ‘n’ roll, you can always spot Hendrix’s blues influences. Whether it’s in the almost-obscene noodling of Johnny B Goode or the raw chug of Freedom, the ghosts of Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker are never that far away.
Although he’s best known as a solo artist, his days with The Jimi Hendrix Experience reveal an artist that as comfortable to share the spotlight as he is to take centre-stage.
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