Kasabian Posters

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As the flame for anthemic rock began to flicker in the late 1990s, Kasabian set it ablaze once more. Formed in Leicester in 1997, the band originally went under the name Saracuse. However, the name was changed once the group signed with BMG records.
If you’re new to Kasabian, there are a few essentials to get your ears around. Bless this Acid House, Empire, and Fire are widely regarded as some of their best songs, while West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum takes the crown for their best album.
Riddled with distorted guitar riffs, heavy basslines and with a pinch of disco, Kasabian’s back catalogue is shot through with stompers.
Our collection of Kasabian prints includes some outstanding images from 2009 up until 2017. You’ll find a few rarities and some that have never been seen before. A superb gift for any fan of this spectacular band.