Kate Nash Posters

Hailing from London, Kate Nash is a multi-talented artist. While she might be better known for her role as Rhonda, in the Netflix series, GLOW, Nash’s first foray towards fame came about as the result of her interest in music.
Released in the mid-Noughties, her first single, Foundations, was a surprise hit and buoyed by the subsequent success of her debut album, Made of Bricks. However, an exhausting work schedule and intense scrutiny from the Press led Nash to suffer from mental health issues.
Her second album, My Best Friend Is You, was panned by critics, despite reaching Number 10 in the UK charts. Her third outing, Girl Talk, was similarly derided and, for a moment, it looked as though her music career was over.
However, a Kickstarter campaign, set up by her fans, saw the release of her fourth album, Yesterday Was Forever.