King Krule Posters

While King Krule might seem like a relatively new face in music, he’s been a recording artists since 2010. His first outing was under the name of Zoo Kid, before he took the King Krule name in 2011. Born, Archy Ivan Marshall, he has also been known as Edgar the Beatmaker.
Defining Krule’s music is an almost-impossible task. Fusing jazz with punk, hip-hop and goth sounds, then throwing in some trip-hop for good measure, he’s nothing if not eclectic.
However, if anything defines Krule’s sound, it’s his authenticity. Songs such as Cellular and Comet Face might sound wildly different, but the tom-cat yowl of Krule’s voice is the common denominator. His debut album, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, was released in 2013, to universal acclaim. His latest outing, Man Alive! is equally broad-reaching, packed with punchy punk and spectral songs that showcase Krule’s more vulnerable side. Our selection of rare and collectable pictures and posters showcase this eclectic musician in all his glory.