Led Zeppelin Posters & Prints

Anecdotally credited for bringing the term ‘heavy metal’ into popular speech, LedZeppelin was one of the most colossal bands of the 1970s. This iconic band was fronted by self-styled ‘Golden God’, Robert Plant, and given their searing sound by Jimmy Page, John Bonham and John Paul Jones.
However, Led Zeppelin is much more than a hard-rock outfit. Their first album, Led Zeppelin embraces folk music and blues, perhaps nowhere more evident than on their extraordinary opus, Stairway to Heaven.
Later albums saw them experimenting with other musical styles. Kashmir, fromPhysical Graffiti, weaves exotic, Indian-influenced instruments with Page’s taut riff, while Carouselambra, from In Through the Out Door, sees the band dipping their toes into prog-rock and John Paul Jones giving his all on a synthesiser. However, hard and heavy rock is what they are best known for, with stompers such as Whole Lotta Love, Good Times Bad Times and Rock and Roll setting the bar for bands attempting to follow in their footsteps.
Led Zeppelin officially disbanded in 1980, roughly two months after the untimely death of drummer John Bonham. While the surviving members occasionally work together, these outings are a rarity. Their latest outing was in 2007 at a tribute concert for the founder of Atlantic Records, Ahmet Ertegun.
Often imitated, but never bettered, Led Zeppelin will always be one of the greats. Check out our selection of rare and collectable images of ‘the Zep’ in all their glory.