Leonard Cohen Posters

While he might have established himself as a poet and a writer, Leonard Cohen was something of a late-bloomer when it came to music. He released his first album, The Songs of Leonard Cohen, at the ripe old age of 33, to serious critical acclaim.
Cohen’s sound is typified by moody jazz, acoustic guitar and Middle Easterninfluences. However, Cohen was as much a lyricist as he was a musician and hislyrics deal with some uncomfortable topics such as depression, death andloneliness.
However, Cohen is far from a brooding gloom-monger. Perhaps his most famoussong, Hallelujah, is a beautiful love-song, full of yearning and wry humour. Chelsea Hotel #2 and Closing Time are dark-yet-funny observations on relationships, while Don’t Go Home With Your Hard-On is a woozy, bluesy take on lust.
Always original and unashamedly unconventional, Cohen’s passing has left a large and unfilled hole in music.