Loyle Carner Posters

While he might be a hip-hop artist, Loyle Carner is the antithesis of the posturing and in-your-face aggression that seem to flood this genre. Rather than full of swag and swagger, Carner’s lyrics, set against jazz-peppered riffs, reveal a refreshing fragility.
Born Ben-Coyle Larner, Carner adopted his stage name as a light-hearted riposte to the dyslexia that has dogged him throughout his life. In a similar vein, his lyrics deal with issues that others seem loathe to address.
From his first album, Yesterday’s Gone, songs such as The Seamstress and Mrs C deal with personal subjects such as alcohol abuse and the death of a friend’smother.
His second album, Not Waving But Drowning is equally confessional. Dear Jean is an ode to his mum from his late father, while You Don’t Know is an exploration of his mother finding new love. Invigorating and introspective, Carner is worth your time.