Manic Street Preachers Posters

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Often hailed as the best band to ever come from Wales, Manic Street Preachers have shed several skins over their 34-year career. Back in ’86, they were glam-studded revolutionaries, their songs soaked in protest and anger.

In the early ‘90s, they ditched their glam-rock style, preferring to camouflage their intellectual and political views in a bombastic, almost-operatic cloak. Songs such as Design for Life, Get Carter and If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next are prime examples of the band’s way with words and sound.

However, the 1990s also saw the disappearance of lyricist and rhythm guitarist, Richey Edwards, the Manics were faced with the decision to either split or carry on.

Thankfully, for us, they decided upon the latter, although they still erect a microphone for Richey at every gig. Musically, they continue to evolve and their most recent album, Resistance is Futile, was released in 2018.