Marilyn Manson Posters

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Striding onto the airwaves, like a satanic Edward Scissorhands, Marilyn Manson has never been afraid to court controversy, whether for his music, his appearance or his outspoken views.
Raised in a devoutly Christian household, the young Manson’s interest in forbidden fruits was piqued after his Heritage Christian teachers played some ‘inappropriate’ music, to show students what not to listen to. For Manson, this had the reverse effect and informed much of his anti-religious, anti-establishment lyrics and outrageous image.
While his musical style varies, between bombastic rock, electronic pop and heavy metal, Manson’s vocal delivery remains a constant. While it’s always melodic, he was one of the first to embrace the howling screams and guttural roars that have become synonymous with death metal.
An overt antihero in the 90s, Manson has gone from scaring parents and politicians to becoming a justly-worshipped elder statesman of goth-rock.