Motley Crue

After leaving the heavy-metal outfit ‘London’, Nikki Sixx founded Motley Crue in1981, along with Tommy Lee. The band is often credited with the creation of the ‘hair metal’ movement, combining glam-rock hooks and heavy-metal riffage.
Their first two albums, Too Fast For Love and Shout At The Devil earned them fans from the LA metal scene, but they didn’t hit their glam-rock stride until the release of Theatre of Pain. While songs, such as Hotter Than Hell and Tonight (We Need A Lover) tread familiar ground, it was the glitter of Home Sweet Home and Smokin’ In The Boys Room that set this album apart from anything else released at the time.
While Motley Crue’s music is often overshadowed by its members’ hedonistic antics, they remain one of the most important rock bands to have stepped out of California. For rare and unseen Motley Crue posters, browse our collection.